Health Care
  • General Tree fertilization.
  • Tree Fertilization thru Deep root feeding system.
  • Basal root injection for Systemic quick uptake of nutrients.
  • Root zone de-compaction - air spade soil removal and replacement.
  • Tree diagnosis for insects and disease.
  • Treatment for specified insect treatment/prevention thru trunk injection.
  • Treatment for specified disease treatment/prevention thru trunk injection.
  • Planting of trees and watering systems for new plantings or stressed trees.
  • Guying or bracing of trees for stabilization.
Important things to consider about your trees!!!  
An ounce of Prevention....
  • Proper care of trees will pay dividends for years to come.
  • Trees must be Barricade during construction at least out to the drip line to protect from root compaction.
  • When a tree is injured fast treatment will yield healthiest results.!
  • Most trees should not be prune sealed. The tree heals itself best if properly pruned at the appropriate time.
  • Most oaks should be trimmed only while they are dormant.


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