Tree Trimming

There are many reasons to trim trees regularly. Branches can grow to be hazardous, they can affect other aspects of your landscape and they can just make the tree more or less aesthetically pleasing. American Tree Care will fulfill all of your tree trimming needs, from emergency service to improving the appearances of your tree. A well cared for tree can make your property the best looking on the block!


Trimming Services

Regular tree trimming reduces pest and disease issues, reduces risk of breakage, increases the appeal, funcitonability and more. Our experience in tree care allows us to make informed decisions about tree trimming that benefits both you and the tree. Trimming services include:

  • Reduce branch density
  • Remove suckers and watersprouts
  • Lift crown
  • Shape canopy
  • Set dripline

American Tree Care can answer any questions and help with any concerns about tree care and trimming. We provide honest consultations - our number one goal is your satisfaction!


Hazardous Limb Removal

Trees are great to have around the house, but they can be hazardous if not cared for regularly. American Tree Care can remove any limbs that:

  • Pose a threat of breakage
  • Encroach on a structure
  • Are broken among the other limbs


While removing hazardous material, American Tree Care will take the time to make sure your tree still looks great!

Deadwood Removal

Branches within trees naturally die as the tree grows taller and stronger. It is important to clear the dead material from the canopy. We can remove:

  • Deadwood throughout canopy
  • Broken or old stubs from branches
  • Unhealthy extra material from an improper cut


Removing deadwood and extra material improves aesthetics and the overall health of your tree. It allows proper air flow (to reduce pest and disease issues) and helps the tree invest its energy in healthy, desirable growth!



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