Tree Support
  • Main trunk split - trunk bolting 1 to 3 threaded rods inserted.
  • Main trunk split - medium to larger trees trimmed and an upper canopy cable system installed.
  • High tensile steel cable installed through tree leads and a locking mechanism installed on cable ends.
  • This cable system yields the full tensile strength of the cable.
  • Cables must be installed no less than 60% of the distance between the crotch and the canopy top.
  • Steel cable systems are a static system - very little give within the system.
  • Tri-cable system allows for better directional force manipulation to benefit the tree.
  • Smaller threaded rods and cable diameters can be used for ornamental and fruit trees.
  • Most upper canopy support systems will need to be moved up every 15 years.
Dynamic Upper Canopy Support System  
Cobra Dynamic Support System
  • This is a dynamic system made of synthetic products woven to provide great strength.
  • The system is designed to be non-invasive, installed around limbs with the ability to expand with the growth of the tree.
  • The system is designed to have more give than steel cabling but be strong enough to protect the tree.!
  • Product comes in various sizes to fit the size of limbs being supported.
  • This is a more expensive support method but can more easily be reused-moved up in the tree.


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