Iowa Mulch Products - Residential and Commercial

AmeriTree Care provides bulk mulch products to commercial and residential properties in Des Moines, and its surrounding areas including Ankeny and Ames, Iowa.

Iowa Mulch Commercial and ResidentialWe recycle 100% of our debris from tree limbs to entire trees that needed to be removed. This is an excellent resource to give back to the community. Recycling our debris reduces the thousands of tons of wood that ends up in landfills.

Please contact, call us today or request a quote below if you are interested in AmeriTree Care Mulch products for your commercial or residential property. No mulch job is too big or too small. We have enough mulch products to fit your size and needs.

Mulch provides many benefits to the environment:

  • Mulch keeps the soil cool in the summer and warm in the winter protecting your trees root health.
  • Mulch promotes plant growth and health.
  • Properly placing mulch provides and conserves moisture for the tree, therefore using less water.
  • Mulch controls those pesky weeds throughout your garden bed.
  • The obvious reason, what’s better than freshly mulched garden beds and trees in the Spring time?

Remember, always use the DONUT method verse the MOUNTAIN method when it comes to mulching your trees.


Piling too much mulch up against the tree can physically damage the trunk and suffocate the roots below. It won't allow water to provide the appropriate nutrients and fertilizers into the proper area of the tree. By following the donut method, clearing a little hole or divet around the tree trunk allows water and air flow into the necessary part of the tree and it also allows the tree to properly grow.


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