Winter Tree Trimming & Removal

Yes, most trees should be trimmed or removed during the winter months.

Tree trimming provides a variety of benefits to your trees. Not only does it improve a trees overall appearance, additionally, the tree will be safer and healthier for years to come. Trimming improves the strength and form of a tree by following the 5 D's: removing diseased, deformed, damaged, dying, or dead branches that may have been caused by insects or storms.

Request a Quote and reserve a spot on our schedule for your winter tree trimming or removal services. Ames, Ankeny and the Des Moines areas are filling up fast!

Why winter is the best time to trim or remove your trees:

  • Visibility

    After the leaves fall, the general structure of the tree is more visible. It's now more convenient to make decisions on removing damaged, infected or dying branches.

  • Accessibility

    The frozen ground gives us the access to certain areas with equipment that we sometimes might not be able to reach. The snow or frozen ground also acts as a protective barrier to your property, harming less plants, grass and overall landscape.

  • Dormant Season

    Plants are dormant during the winter. In the fall, wounds close more slowly and plants are more at risk for diseases. Therefore in the winter, diseases are less likely to spread and insects are not as lively. Additionally, the trimming wounds in the winter close faster and the spring provokes rapid recovery and healing.


Please give us a call if you are interested in American Tree Care's winter tree trimming or removal service, or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment for the upcoming winter season.


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